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Why is crucial to rewild honey bees?

Honey bees that are allowed to live in their natural, wild state are often more resilient to environmental stresses, such as disease, pests, and climate change. This resilience is crucial in the face of the many threats facing honey bee populations globally.

Rewilded honey bee colonies are better able to adapt and respond to changing environmental conditions compared to managed, domesticated honey bees.

Rewilding honey bees helps to maintain the genetic diversity of the species. This diversity is essential for the long-term survival and adaptability of honey bees, as it allows them to better respond to new challenges and threats.

Genetic diversity is crucial for the long-term viability of honey bee populations and helps to ensure their continued role as essential pollinators in natural and agricultural ecosystems.

The Light Of The Bee

Maria is an explorer and curious person. Three years ago, she stumbled upon a colony of bees that led her into the World of Bees. She created an illustrated book inspired by her personal experience.

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